Who we are

PulX is a young collective of creative artists based in Montpellier in the south of France. Created in 2004 by the dancer and choreographer, Elsa Decaudin, PulX has been conceiving and producing artistic and cultural projects since 2004. Various artists, with backgrounds in a wide range of different fields, have joined PulX to work together on innovative multi-disciplinary projects; including photography with Bastien Defives and music with Jean Philippe Lambert.

The artistic pieces composed by Pulx are based on a collective and mutli-disciplinary approach with a real emphasis placed on the creative process. Pulx seeks to explore and open choreography to the new possibilities of interdisciplinary creation through the meeting of dance, the art of movement and digital art for sound and image.
The pieces are first and foremost a live performance and despite the different medium used, the artistic content is never overshadowed by technology. The performances often extend beyond the limits of the stage and solicit new rapports with the public.

The team

Elsa Decaudin, Dancer and Choreographer

Bastien Defives, Photographer

Jean-Philipe Lambert, Musician and Sound Designer


For Pénélope Matador, 2011 creation

Elodie Soulard, accordeonist

Alice Carré, dramaturg

Lucie Lelong, scenograph


And for the Dance Recipes : Caroline Cano, Sarah Fréby, Aurore Simon, Marie Nosmas, Marjorie Gousy, Dominique Vital, Mathilde Duclaux, Virginie Baffoni, Brigitte Negro,  Agnès Vinel…  groupe à nombre variable.

Luc Souche, Light Designer

PulX has worked with different collaborators on various projects including: Hélène Sorin, Christophe Devaux, Damien Manivel, Remi Esterle and David Olivari. Jean-Philippe Derail, Gyslaine Gau, Sandrine Sauron, Brigitte Negro or Sarah Fréby are/have been involved in choreographic workshops with PulX.


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