B.I.R.D. (Brigade d'Intervention Rapide Dansée) _ Quick Brigades of Danced Interventions

The principle of the Birds is simple:

  • carried by Pulx, make an idea become a reality and a performance being produced.
  • gather various artists of different fields (sound, video, photography, dance, theatre, light, music, poetry…)-according to the place where it occurs, and the public, realize a collective performance in a short time (from a few hours to one week).
  • these performances live fundamentally on an improvisation base. They are characterized by spontaneity, risk-taking and interactivity with the place and the participants They are intrinsic in the event, in the place and in the persons present. They are unique.

All those "Hors les murs" projets focus on enconter, exchanges, originality, improvisation, spontaneity…
The initials concepts, easily adaptable to other places, other environment, publics and conditions, are made to be changed, lived in real time. Each project is therefore unique, as the som of the energies of people and place is always different.

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Recipes to dance


Recipes to dance !
Recipes to dance are choreographic partitions, written with pleasure and delicacies to invite whoever to dance. It is a playful shape using a cooking vocabulary, with ingredients, spices, preparation, cooking and many digressions.
Every recipe adapts itself to the humors, to the weather, to the place, to the number, and to whom orders it!
It is with a big pleasure that Elsa writes them to you!
You wish to try alone, with your friends, with a group of amateur or professional dancers, youngs until the big.
Sober, in reading, they can be also savoured! The imagination will then dance!

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Saturday 3pm!


Saturday 3pm!

With [Saturday 3pm!], Pulx proposes a framework for working on the themes of participation, and of ownership of public space by the residents, through a “performance of proximity”. The framework consists of choosing an arbitrary portion of a street, and of turning it into an open-air theater. The group settles for a long-term residency, meeting local residents, acting as catalysts of ideas by giving minimal instructions, so as to collect the desires unique to each person. The goal is to organize activities to promote meetings, to excite the imagination and to prepare for future presentations, the famous Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
Easily adaptable, and designed to be abused, each version of the project [Saturday 3pm!] is unique!
The first street version was produced in 2006 in Méditerranée street in Montpellier, after an idea by Elsa Decaudin, Jean-Philippe Lambert, and David Olivari.

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« Nous sommes trois artistes, de domaine différent, nous avons décidé de nous réunir pour : poser un cadre. Poser un cadre. Et attendre ».

Projet conçu par Elsa Decaudin, Jean-Philippe Lambert et David Olivari.

Projet réalisé au Lycée agricole de Rivesaltes (66), octobre-novembre 2006. « Nature Sensible », résidence d'artistes en lycées agricoles du Languedoc-Roussillon soutenu par La Drac Languedoc-Roussillon, dép Arts Plastiques.
Crédits photos du projet Cadre : David Olivari.

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Le principe

Tous ces projets « hors les murs » suscitent la rencontre, l'échange, l'originalité, l'improvisation, la spontanéité...

Les concepts de départ, facilement réadaptables à d'autres lieux, à d'autres environnements et à d'autres personnes et publics, sont faits pour être détournés, vécus dans l'instant. Chaque projet est ainsi unique, la somme des énergies présentes dans chaque lieu étant à chaque fois différente.

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