SYNTONIE – creation 2007

With this creation, PulX unites three languages within the same moment and within the same space - dance, photography and sound - to create an original and unique piece of work.

Composed with an ensemble of six scenes Syntonie invites us to participate in a universe that is at once singular, sensitive, poetic, humorous and even burlesque. The dramatic structure cleverly blends together set-piece and improvisation. This real-time drama is created live and direct to the audience


Far from pretext or a mere superimposition of images associated with dance, the photography plays a crucial role in the show. Digital pictures are taken live and displayed almost simultaneously. Similarly, the structure of the musical score is previously defined, but moreover the sound elements that constitute the music are composed and played live during the show itself. In each scene, the dance choreography loosely scripted and is the performance is adapted according to different parameters.
Intimate communication and dialogue between each performer is primordial to the beauty of the piece. The title of the piece reflects this process: interpretations through dance, photography and sound strive to become one- that is, to be in Syntonie.

With this creation, Pulx attempts to truly involve the audience. In order to avoid a purely frontal confrontation, the audience finds itself in the middle of the stage with the performers.

By creating a relation of trust (or indeed of connivance) with the audience, the performers invite the spectators to come on stage, choose a position from which to view the show and eventually to participate in the piece itself.


Syntonie stages the meeting of two characters: a dancer and a photographer who observe, confront and join each other under the gaze of a musician who acts as a catalyst.
The six scenes of the show traces the relation of power, submission, emancipation and seduction that is at play between the two characters. As the dancer is moving, the photographer is observing, capturing her movements and projecting his own perception of her in real time. The dancer becomes a model, emancipates herself, passes from the comical to the poetical, makes the photographer dance, flees from the framework of theatre, leaving to join  the audience.

Syntonie is also a piece which explores, exploits and plays with time: a present that is danced; a past (already) projected; a present that is heard, stretched out; and an imaginary past.

The starting point of the the piece questions the particularities intrinsic to the photographic medium: shutter speed,  framing, the decisive moment, depth of field. These characteristics are essential to the creation of a photo. The image obtained is deeply subjective, resulting from a range of technical decisions. An artist combines the mastery of these techniques and the capacity to play with them – choosing to leave behind and forget technique or to render it strangely present. This artistry enables the audience to realize that a photograph is far from a faithful and instant representation of reality, but a double interpretation of it – at once technical and artistic.

The music acts as a bridge between the photography and the dance, and is composed according to two principles.  On one hand it feeds on the photographer’s concerns with time and reinterprets them in order to question the instant, and generally creating an imaginary memory of the moment. Notably, the sound system captures all the sounds emitted during the performance – some of which are mixed and played back –, allowing the musician to play with the past (and even the future) that is common to everyone in the venue, with hearing being constantly stimulated. On the other hand, the various sonic and musical creations are made in close relation with the movement of the dance and with the physical surrounds of the piece’s location, sharing with them the same ephemeral and fleeting present.

Syntonie: to be integrated into one’s direct environment.

Syntonie: a state of systems that oscillate at the same frequency.


movement : Elsa Decaudin
photography : Bastien Defives
music : Jean-Philippe Lambert
lights : Luc Souche


Production, Partners and Sponsors:
Production : Pulx
Sponsors: DRAC Languedoc-Roussillon, Region of Languedoc-Roussillon, ADDM 34, Montpellier City and Réseau en Scène Languedoc-Roussillon.
Supported by : Kawenga (Montpellier), la Tannerie (Barjols) and the association Contrechamp (Arvieu). Thanks to CCN-MLR of Montpellier.
Syntonie is seals by Cultures France for the event "França.Br 2009", the year of France in Brazil (21 April-15 November 2009).


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Around the show

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